Comprehensive ELD Compliance at Your Fingertips

Log Auditing

Automatically audit driver logs and receive notices for possible or occurring HOS violations.

ELD365 makes log auditing easier – and more accurate – for both drivers and fleet managers. The Log Auditing feature actively monitors for Hours of Service and Form & Manner Violations. Different US, Mexico and Canadian rule sets are supported. Drivers can also easily edit their logs to correct mistakes. Fleet managers receive immediate alerts of possible violations to help keep HOS and Form & Manners mistakes minimal.

Alerts & Notifications

Get real-time notices about your drivers and vehicles.

Advanced alerts and notifications from ELD365 can be set up to best match your needs so you have daily insight into the performance of your fleet. Create unique alert settings for different users, Monitor specific driver, vehicles or groups, and more. Receive alerts on key fleet activity such as unsafe driving habits, device tampering or excessive idling.

Automated Duty Status & Driver Log Changes

Automatically record duty status and get alerts of log changes.

ELD365 is designed with truck drivers in mind. With the Automated Duty Status feature, drivers don’t have to worry about changing their duty status every time – driver’s duty status is automatically updated to “Drive” when movement over certain mph is detected. It’s also easier to make log changes electronically to correct mistakes, ensuring that records are as accurate as possible.

GPS Tracking

Track your vehicles and get access to fleet data any time.

ELD365 helps you closely monitor driver behavior and find opportunities to improve fleet efficiency with real-time GPS location tracking. Fleet managers can view vehicle location history, monitor driver activity, and optimize driver routes to help reduce unnecessary miles, saving both fuel and labor.

Integrated Driver Vehicle Inspection Report (DVIR)

Easily log vehicle inspections and report vehicle defects for repair.

The FMCSA regulation 396.11 requires a DVIR be completed daily for every commercial vehicle operated that day. With ELD365’s DVIR feature, it’s easier than ever for drivers to record inspections and report any vehicle issues to the employer for repair. An Interim Inspection also allows drivers to perform spot check inspections during the day when necessary. The DVIR feature will not only save your business time and money, but also improve driver compliance.


Automatically calculate distance traveled and easily generate IFTA reports.

ELD365 helps automate IFTA fuel tax reporting to reduce audit risk for your fleet. Our ELD automatically collects mileage data from your vehicles and the fuel purchased in each jurisdiction. This add-on module also allows you to create detailed IFTA reports by vehicle, fleet, driver and fuel type as well as generate fuel tax summaries and quarterly IFTA Tax Reporting.


Experience all that ELD365 has to offer with the ELD365 native mobile application for Android devices. The ELD365 Electronic Logbook App is Certified and the top ELD Compliance mobile app drivers love and fleet managers trust.

The ELD365 app is packed with standard and advanced features: ensure compliance with the latest and most up-to-date laws, reduce risk with violation notifications, automate logs and HOS reporting, and so much more! With the power of ELD365’s mobile application at your fingertips, you’ll have instant access to the information you need to keep your business running smoothly.

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Maximize the productivity of your fleet with our flexible ELD Solutions at truly affordable prices. Our service plans come with full customer support and 365/24/7 tech help.

ELD365 Logbook App



  • 100% ELD Compliant
  • Log Auditing
  • HOS Recordkeeping
  • HOS Violations Report
  • Timesheet Report
  • Alerts & Notifications
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per month, requires one-time setup fee

Electronic Logging Device (BYO Hardware, includes adapter)

  • 100% ELD Compliant
  • Log Auditing
  • HOS Recordkeeping
  • HOS Violations Report
  • Timesheet Report
  • Alerts & Notifications
  • Electronic Logging Device
  • Automated Duty Status
  • Automatic Log Changes
  • Daily Fleet Activity
  • Electronic DVIR
  • IFTA Fuel Tax Reporting *
  • GPS Tracking *

Why Choose ELD365?

  • We have the easiest to use and most reliable Electronic Device Logbook Solutions.
  • We offer 2 affordable service options: a mobile app or hardware device that both require only a one-time setup fee.
  • We provide full customer support, which includes onboarding assistance, step-by-step manuals, driver and administrator web-based training and 24/7 online help.

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Did you know? By switching to Electronic Logging Devices, fleets reported multiple benefits including: 12% reduction in crashes, less speeding and harsh braking incidents, 25% savings in fuel costs, and 30% savings in unproductive idling.


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